April 14, 2023

Rent and Utility Assistance Programs

Utility Assistance Programs – The Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City

Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City can help low-income families and unemployed people. Formerly known as United Services Community Action Agency, the agency is located in Greater Kansas City. The non-profit offers programs to the poor, unemployed and low income families in Clay, Jackson and Platte counties Missouri. They offer financial assistance, and can also provide longer-term employment and education services.

Kansas City Community Action is a group that fights poverty. The agency combines short-term help with case management, such as government grants to cover utilities, housing, and other expenses. Employment, budgeting and financial literacy are key factors to improve finances.


Kansas City Community Action Agency Financial Resources

LIHEAP is a program that provides energy assistance to low-income households who pay a large percentage of their income on their heating and utility bills. The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program is funded by the federal government and Missouri state. The program was designed to help low-income families who are in need, with a special focus on the elderly and disabled. The Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City, in collaboration with other Kansas City non profit organizations and the Department of Social Services, administers the program.


The program offers a cash grant or payment that is made to the utility company on behalf of participants. This helps offset the cost of high winter heating, natural gas and electric bills. The program runs from October through March each year or until the funding is exhausted, which is usually the case.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

The crisis program is the second part of Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The program will assist families in Jackson or Clay who have received notices of energy utility shutoffs. The applicants for this ECIP must have had their heating/cooling services threatened with disconnection or shutdown. They can also not have electricity right now. Occasionally, funds may be offered to pay cooling bills in the summer. Find out more about LIHEAP crisis energy bill assistance.


Rental Assistance Available

As part of the CSBG, (Community Service Block Grant), housing assistance is available when funds are available. The non-profit United Services Community Action Agency/USCAA has made it a priority to provide housing assistance. The assistance is available to those who are facing eviction, or may already be homeless. Some of the funds available may include rent payments, security deposits and case management to help clients gain independence.


Free Mediation And/or Legal Aid As Part Of Its Services.

Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City also offers free mediation and/or legal aid as part of its services. There are free attorneys in counties such as Jackson, Platte and Clay who will negotiate payment plans with landlords or banks, or represent tenants at housing court. These attorneys can also help with section 8 vouchers, SSI disabilities, public housing, and other services. Find out more about free lawyers in Missouri.

Some Christmas programs are available in Platte County, Missouri and Kansas City. Seniors can receive a food voucher and other items such as clothing, presents, or gifts. Gifts, toys and other items may be given to children from families with low income. These holiday programs are run by the United Services Community Action Agency in partnership with local churches and non-profits.


Red Bags is another holiday program that Jackson and Clay Counties offers. Christmas Families, a group that partners with a community action agency in the area to assist families and children living in low-income areas in need. The children may receive shoes, clothing and bedding, as well as toys, dolls and other items.


Financial literacy, life skills, budgeting and employment assistance

The name of a workshop in the local area that helps people find work is Employment Assistance/Job Readiness. In today’s constantly changing job market, both the unemployed and those who are considered low-income but still underemployed may be able get assistance. Set career goals, receive advice on how to complete an application, learn about interviewing techniques and other tips, and access employer databases.


Local employers are flexible when it comes to work conditions. Many employers in the city offer flexible work arrangements, such as part-time, contract, freelancing, or working from home. Case workers refer clients to local and national companies, as well as programs. Find freelance contract work to work from home.

P. A.V. E. the Way is a project that aims to promote values and assets in education. This program is for young people with low incomes and poverty. They will be able to move beyond their current situation and improve their chances of long-term success. The program has different phases to help with career choices, personal development, and work readiness. There is also a Leadership Development Institute. The program was created to connect young people and adults who want to mentor them.

Case management and Family Assistance are aimed at helping those who face poverty, homeless people and low-income families become self-sufficient. Staff from the Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City (formerly known as United Services Community Action Agency) will assist individuals in increasing their access to resources by using social support and advocacy provided by the assigned Case Manager. These case management methods teach the client how to be more independent.

Financial assistance for housing, help with finding employment and budgeting, information on temporary and permanent housing and emergency assistance like food and clothing can be provided. USCAA can provide support in the form of temporary and permanent housing, financial education, budgeting help, food and clothing for emergencies as well as personal hygiene items.

Another option is to take Life Skills classes. It is a workshop that helps you become self-sufficient. The Life Skills Workshop may cover topics such as Building Strong Families; Budgeting; Effective Communication; Dressing for Success, Nutrition; Work Ethics and Stress Management.


Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City Locations

There are several offices in the city and the surrounding counties. Community action agencies can provide clients with referrals, support and guidance.

So if you’re a low-income household struggling to pay your monthly energy bill, there are several programs available to provide energy bill relief. These programs are funded by the government and utility companies, and private donors and offer eligible households a fresh start.

We help prevent residential customers from having their energy service disconnected during the winter months. Additionally, there are programs that provide assistance on energy costs for non-domestic customers and home energy assistance for eligible households.

The local service provider can also offer assistance with water bills through the water assistance program. To qualify for these programs, households must meet certain criteria, such as having a household income below the federal poverty level.

To apply for these programs, fill out a local application or visit our website to learn more about the eligibility requirements and application process. Don’t let energy bills become a burden – take advantage of these programs and get the help you need to manage your monthly energy costs.