Board of Directors

CAAGKC’s Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization. The board is charged with oversight of CAAGKC’s mission and overall management of its assets. The Chief Executive Officer is the most senior officer charged with managing the overall operations and resources of the organization.

Board Structure

CAAGKC is governed by a tripartite board of directors, with one-third from the private sector, one-third from the public sector, and one-third from the community we serve. The board structure is defined by the Community Services Block Grant Act. The purpose of this requirement is to obtain input from each of the sectors on community needs, resources, and program effectiveness.


Dr. Zavon Kanion
President – Private Sector, Jackson County
COL Anne Rogers
First Vice President – Low-Income Sector, Platte County
Jane Fowler
Second Vice President – Low-Income Sector, Jackson County
Shannon Wooten
Treasurer – Low-Income Sector, Jackson County
Mark Lindsay
Secretary – Public Sector, Platte County Commissioner’s Office
Clifton Campbell
Executive Director & CEO

Board of Directors

Cathy Jackson
Public Sector, Jackson County Executive’s Office
Janet Rogers
Public Sector, Clay County Commissioner’s Office
Henry Service
Private Sector, Jackson County
Dr. Reginald Hester
Private Sector, Jackson County
Sheriff Darryl Forte
Public Sector, Jackson County
Joseph Thomas
Low-Income Sector, Jackson County
Jamie Johnson
Private Sector, Platte County
Jureau Bowman
Low-Income Sector, Clay County

Board Notices

If you are interested in serving on our Board, please send your resume and cover letter to Clifton Campbell, CAAGKC Executive Director, for consideration.

The Board of Directors meeting for September has been canceled.