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Duration of employment
Job Location
Kansas City, Missouri
Date posted
December 27, 2018
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Position title

The Quality Assurance Manager creates and supports the organization’s comprehensive strategic plan along with the Executive Director & CEO.

  1. Design and implement vehicles to measure and validate the impact of the organization’s operation
  2. Identify quality procedures, standards and specifications for management, reports and contracts
  3. Work closely with executive and management team to build evaluation tools for strategic plan and communicate internal and external results
  4. Manage portfolio of strategic evaluations
  5. Ensure all eligibilities and criteria for departments, programs and services are met
  6. Create and file appropriate compliance reports
  7. Conduct internal investigation of compliance issues and identify critical control points and preventive measures
  8. Coordinate with IT to centralized a database
  9. Identify organizational training needs to build professional development
  10. Merit audit responses to findings and recommendations
  11. Partner with funders and other Community Action Agencies to assure best practices and transparency
  12. Perform personnel Exit Interviews with departing employees
  13. Routinely report the effectiveness of departments, programs and services through Customer Surveys, Quality Assurance Reports, Outcome of Efforts, Community Assessment Needs, to name a few
  14. Inquire and maintain ROMA Certification (Results-Oriented Management and Accountability)
  15. Adjust to frequent change in duties and procedures
  16. Represent CAAGKC at special events, meetings and/or remote locations
  17. Any other duties as assigned
  1. Bachelor’s degree in Project Management or Business Administration
  2. Five (5) years of supervisory experience
  3. Three (3) years of experience working in compliance and/or strategic planning
  4. Exceptional database management system and quality control experience
  5. Strong writing skills
  6. Good numerical skills and understanding of statistics
  7. Excellent listening and assessment skills
  8. Experience working with the public
  9. Reliable transportation, valid driver license and maintain active car insurance
Physical Demands

Sitting – 80%
Standing – 10%
Bending – 5%
Lifting – 5% ability to lift at least 25 lbs. or less


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